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Cruises For Fun And Excitement

If you have never been on a cruise before, you are in for the time of your life. There are cruises going anywhere and everywhere that there is water.

Destinations are as exotic as the Caribbean, Alaska and Europe. No driving. No packing and repacking from place to place. All the food you care to eat. Gambling, dancing and all kinds of night life. And best of all, no phones!

I am told it is a shopper’s paradise. I don’t know as I could care less about shopping, but don’t tell my wife and daughters. There are “discounts” and items you wouldn’t find at home. Something for everyone.

I go for the adventure. Snorkeling, sightseeing and visiting places that I have only dreamed about. It gives real images to my thoughts of how I dare to escape the rat race.

You can plan for many months for such a vacation or you can go at the last minute. Real savings are found in the last minute deals. You should never, ever pay rack prices on a cruise. Those prices are only for the uninitiated.

Once on board, you will have access to 24 hour free food including international cuisine. There are three scheduled meals a day and many opportunities to eat in between. I would recommend everyone go to the scheduled dinner. It usually has a different theme for each night of the cruise. The wait staff is superb, they perform a show (based on the theme) for you and you get to meet people from other parts of the world. Hint: Dress up at night and don’t go too casual. That is part of the experience.

When you aren’t eating, there is lounging by the pool soaking up the sun and the suds. There are movies, shows and activities for all ages. You can visit the spa, exercise, read a book at the library or do anything else you want. It is your free time after all!

Every cruise ship has ports of call where they dock for a period of time. Once at port, you can go ashore and do whatever you like or you can go on any number of planned excursions the ship provides. You can even stay aboard and do nothing, but I suggest you get out and see the world if you have never seen that portion of God’s acre before.

From crystal blue water and their reefs of fish, to historic places to mountains and icebergs, I have seen it all … You should too.

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