The Region Of Granada Andalucia Spain

Home to the Alhambra Palace, built by the Moors, the city of Granada from whence the regions name is derived is a city of historic beauty. The Alhambra dominates the city and must be included as part of any visit here. The palace and its gardens were built under the rule of the Nasrid dynasty of caliphs. They created their vision of paradise on earth and in doing so built the magical building that still fills its visitors with awe today. The melding of stone and water, is an architectural masterpiece and provides a feeling of calm and coolness, especially in the mid summer sun.

The ancient Moorish quarter of the Albaicin, gives a feel of the Moorish influence and culture that dominated this city and is a wonderful place to relax as the sun sets over the Alhambra while enjoying a meal or drink in one of the many bars and restaurants.

South of the city, the land rises high up to the mountains of the Sierra Nevadas, Spain’s highest mountain range and home in winter to ski resorts, as they are so close to the Mediterranean coast and at such a low latitude. In summer months the mountains offer many outdoor activities and the chance to explore and view some of the nature that lives at these altitudes. The mountains close proximity to the sea, lends itself to the talk that you can ski in the morning and swim in the Mediterranean in the afternoon, though you’d be pretty rushed getting it all in.

Las Alpujarras are the foothills to the Sierra Nevadas and are home to small whitewashed villages tending their crop of chestnut and walnut trees and herds of goats. Hams are one of the local specialities and this can be bought at villages markets like the one in Orgiva, the main town of the region.

Further south and the land becomes more fertile as you enter the Lecrin Valley, Valley of Happiness. The lands here are covered in groves of lemon, oranges, almonds and olive trees and many holiday rental properties can be found here to enjoy the regions beauty which overlooks the Mediterranean.

Arriving at the coast, the Costa Tropical, is a low rise coastline, preserving much of the beauty that its neighbour the Costa del Sol has lost. This coastline is ideal for more family orientated holidays.

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